I love telling stories! in front of an audience - any audience - schools, libraries, art colleges, festivals or conferences to children, students or grown-ups. I've a huge amount of experience in schools. As an author and publisher I get invited as a guest speaker in over 30 schools, libraries and conferences each year.

I am happy to travel overseas and throughout the KSA. I've been from Riyadh to Dubai, to Amman to Lebanon to Egypt to Montreal.  
So if

  • You know my books and enjoy them.
  • You want inspiration to read, write and draw more.
  • You want your pupils to be really excited after the visit and your library borrowings of my books to go up (and other books too)
  • Your pupils have read or studied one or more of my books
  • You want to give pupils an enjoyable, mind-broadening experience  

Please feel free to contact the author/me nahed@nahedshawa.com, the following are the kind of events that I do

I speak to groups of all sizes and has presentations for the following categories:

  • KGs
  • 1- 3rd Grades
  • 4th Grade and up  
  • Adult Groups


  • Infants - I love working with the infants. Mostly storytelling, drawing and even painting sometimes. "Funny" stories bring squeals of delight!

1- 3rd Grades

  • Storytelling - I choose a book that suits the audience, explain where the ideas came from, and "perform" the story. There is usually time left for questions. 
  • Show and Tell - I've got a box of stuff that I'd love to show and share with you! Every item has a story to go with it.
  • How a Book is Made - You've only got forty minutes to write a story? Sometimes it takes me years!

Grade 4 and Up

  • How to become an author
  • Creation Myths  (story re-telling based on Arabic Myths)
  • Creative Writing
  • How to publish books

Adult Groups

  • How to Read With Kids
  • Writing for Children
  • Kids Reading Skills
  • Arabic Children books : Today and Tomorrow

I have been doing this for 2 years now and I love it!

If you are interested in further information regarding the activities, fees or schedule availability, please send an email to Nahed directly using the following information request form.

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